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Are you interested in a possible career as a professional genealogist? Want to learn how the pros approach genealogy research or tackle tough ethical situations? The APG's live webinars are open free to the public. Registration information for our upcoming webinars is included below.

Missed a webinar? Recordings of five+ years of past webinars are available to APG members as a benefit of membership. We would love to have you join us!


Event Details
Tuesday, 14 November 2017
8:00p.m. EDT

Accounting Basics for Professional Genealogists
Presenter: Dave Liesse

Registration required:

Are you a new business owner who knows next to nothing about keeping financial records? Are you an existing business owner who year after year gets chastised by your tax professional about the state of your records? Are you looking for a business loan but your books aren’t good enough for your bank? Do you just want a refresher since your last accounting class was in high school, 30 years ago?

Join us as we discuss the basics of accounting and bookkeeping, with an emphasis on the point of view of a professional genealogist. We’ll start at the very beginning and work our way up to the differences in recordkeeping requirements based on your business structure. Time permitting, we’ll wrap up with a discussion of the advantages and pitfalls of using accounting software vs. keeping records in a spreadsheet or even on (gasp!) ledger paper. .

About the Presenter: Dave Liesse has been pursuing genealogy for a bit over 40 years, having gotten the bug after reading an old Woody Woodpecker comic book involving Woody’s family tree. After being laid off from his job in the software industry in 2008 he decided to start his own business combining two of his primary interests: tax preparation and genealogy. Tax preparation expanded into accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services, and as a professional genealogist himself Dave has an uncommon insight into the recordkeeping requirements of those in the field. He has held leadership positions in the South King County [Washington] Genealogical Society, in the Puget Sound Chapter of APG, and at the chapter and state levels of the Washington State Tax Consultants, as well as numerous organizations with other interests. He is a frequent presenter at tax, genealogy, and model railroading events and is completing the last of the requirements for the Distinguished Toastmaster designation in Toastmasters International.

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