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Thu Mar 31 16:15:16 MDT 2011

Betty wrote:
>How should the symbol f be transcribed in, for example, the word pafed.
Should the transcription be "pafed [passed]" or just "passed"?
Betty, that really isn't a "symbol."  It's just another way of writing "ss."
If, say, you and I were to write the word "passed" in longhand, you might
write the word using one style of writing and I might write it using
another. Your s might look different from mine, but everyone who reads both
pieces of writing would recognize both of our letterforms as s.  
Past scribes used different letterforms as well. But if a scribe used the
prevailing letterform  for "ss," then we'd transcribe it as "ss."  It was
not an  italicized "f."  
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
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