[APG Public List] school records

Kathy Gunter Sullivan, Certified Genealogist sully1 at carolina.rr.com
Wed Mar 16 17:59:25 MDT 2011

Rose Staples wrote:
> Can anyone give me an example for a citation for a school record?
> Rose 

Your citation details needs to reflect the record group classification 
of the repository where the school record was accessed and the pertinent 
details of the specific record accessed. Different titles apply in 
different states/counties and repositories holding the record assigns 
its own accession code.

An example might be: Catawba County (N.C.) Common School Records 
1856-1872, District 8, 2 December 1861 Term, entry for Sarah A. Sigman; 
Catawba County Miscellaneous Records, box no. CR. 021.634.3, North 
Carolina State Archives.

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