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Turning The World Upside Down

UPDATED: [Melvyl System - University of California:
Worldwide Genealogy and Family History Research]

Melvyl Search results for 'family history' limited to
Libraries Worldwide; Results of about  435,832.
Melvyl Search results for 'genealog*' limited to
Libraries Worldwide; Results of about 708,815.
Compare: The Salt Lake City LDS FH Library
collection includes over 2.4 million rolls of microfilmed
genealogical  records;  727,000 microfiche; 356,000 books,
serials, and other formats;  over 4,500  periodicals; 3,725
electronic resources.

Research Note: The University of California has more than
1.4 million alumni living and working around the globe.

Every system campus has been integrated together,
by including resources for alumni & university magazine,
alumni facebook & university history, followed by general
university facebook links, iTunes U, Twitter & YouTube;
site searches for "family history" and genealogy,
directory links to find people & notable lists,
current news and parent resource information.
- Alumni - UC  Berkeley: California Magazine
  - Cal Alumni Association - Facebook
  -  UCB History
- UC Berkeley - Facebook - iTunes U - Twitter - YouTube
  -  Family History & Genealogy
  - Find People
    - List of Notable Alumni & Students
    - List of Notable Faculty
  - News
  - UC Berkeley Cal Parents
. . .
This is followed by statewide resources for
genealogy and family history, using links to
Libraries of the University of California.
The Library Catalogs, Periodicals and
Research Library Systems are reviewed.

Respectfully yours,

V. Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr.
Family Genealogy & History
Internet Education Directory - Wiki
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