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Thank you, Barbara, and others for your advice. Since posting my question about 24 hours ago, I have examined some other documents from the probate in the same handwriting.  I have found several cases of individuals known to be "John" where the clerk abbreviated the name "Jno."  I am inclined to believe that the one instance of 'Jo." I asked about probably is Joseph.  Of course, I would have preferred it to be John.  The search goes on.
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Discussing the abbreviation for John reminded me of a woman who came into the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County library for assistance. She had come to know her ancestor as Juno. She repeated the name as she pointed to a census record with her ancestor recorded as Jno. When I informed her that Jno. was the abbreviation for John, she had a look of disbelief.

Bonnie Dunphy Kohler

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