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Meredith Hoffman / GenerationsWeb mhoffman at generationsweb.com
Sun Mar 6 21:20:59 MST 2011

The hands-down best conferences I get to go to are the annual International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies (IAJGS) summer conferences, which had its 30th anniversary last summer in LA (and which we in Boston are proud to be the co-hosts of in 2013!). These events routinely boast a worldwide roster of speakers, usually including a substantial contingent of state archivists from many of the countries of eastern Europe and other speakers and researchers from pretty much everywhere in the Jewish diaspora.

One of the highlights of the conferences are the abundance of sessions and special interest group meetings devoted to specific ancestral towns and/or regions. Last summer, on successive days I attended luncheons and gatherings with other "landsleit" (folks whose ancestors were from the same neck of the woods, lit. "country people") from five of the towns that various of my great-grandparents came from; and I sat in on numerous lectures where the focus was the progress of one or another project to film, translate, transcribe, and/or digitize newly accessed records from state and regional archives in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Moravia, and Israel.

I imagine that other ethnic conferences probably function much the same way. As exhilarating and exhausting as other conferences are, the breadth and depth of the opportunities at the IAJGS conferences challenge me and exhaust me in a way that no other conference does. But I am looking forward to making it -- sooner rather than later -- to a WDYTYA....


On Mar 6, 2011, at 9:56 AM, Jeanette Daniels wrote:

> You've raised an interesting thought that it would be nice to have an international conference for genealogists with lecturers from several countries presenting information on a variety of topics.  

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