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Good  Morning,  
On  April 8 and 9 (which is in about six weeks from now) our annually 
seminar  „Deeper into Genealogy“ (Vertiefende Familienforschung) will take place 
at  Schloss (castle) Dhaun near Kirn on the Nahe River in Germany.   
The  program will be:  
=>  Gunter Altenkirch 
Taufe  und Namensgebung (birth and chosing names) 
Totenbrauchtum  (customs around the death of a person) 
=>  Roque Danilo Bersch 
Auswandern,  um Deutsche zu bleiben und Brasilianer zu werden. 
(Emigration   to remain German but become Brazilians) 
=>  Silvia Bier 
Zwischen  Paris und Nancy: Auf den Spuren des Komponisten Jean Regnault. 
Biographische  Forschung in der Musikwissenschaft. 
(Between  Paris and Nancy: Researching the roots of composer Jean Regnault. 
Biographic  research in musicology) 
=> Gerhard  Härter 
Änderungen im Personenstandswesen (Changes in Civil  Registration 
=>  Martin Kloeffler 
Die  Nutzung der preußischen Rang- und Quartierlisten für die  Genealogie 
(Using  Prussian Rank- and Quarter lists for genealogy) 
=>  Helmut Kuhn 
Die  Familie Siegfried - Schweizer Calvinisten im Rheingau. 
(Siegfried  family – Swiss Calvinists in the Rhein Valley) 
=>  Johannes Naumann 
Das  Manual des Philipp Daniel von Hagen aus der Zeit um 1600. 
(The  manual of Philipp Daniel von Hagen from about 1600 AD) 
=>  Karl Oehms 
Paul  Ziegler aus Kaimt – Familienforschung „aus dem Blickwinkel von  
(Paul  Zieger from Kaimt – family research through Court files) 
The  language spoken will be German as usually nearly all participants are 
German  (locals from the area as well as guest from up to 200 miles away).   
Program  starts at Friday morning but there is the chance to arrive on 
Friday afternoon,  spend the evening in a local restaurant and don’t have the 
stress of arrival  early in the morning.  
The  price of 115 Euros include all lectures as well as accomodations in 
the castle  and food and – very important – lots of coffee (despite cold 
In  case you interested to attend, please, contact me through _“
rolgeiger at aol.com_ (mailto:“rolgeiger at aol.com) .  
Roland  Geiger 


Roland Geiger
Historical and Genalogical  Research
Alsfassener Strasse 17
66606 St. Wendel
phone  ++49-6851-3166
email rolgeiger at aol.com
_www.hfrg.de_ (http://www.hfrg.de/) 

=> APG - Association of  Professional Genealogists
=> ASF - Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Saarlaendische  Familienforschung

Researchs in 
=> genealogy
=> local  history
=> transcriptions (f.e. old German into modern)
=> guided  tours through St. Wendel (day and night) and St. Wendel County, 
Saarland,  Germany
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