[APG Public List] Citing a photocopy of a civil war discharge

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Sun Jun 19 11:54:27 MDT 2011

Jean wrote:
>In the early 1990's, when I was a novice just starting to gather documents,
I acquired from an elderly cousin (1st cousin twice
removed) a photocopy of a civil war discharge for our common ancestor. It is
the standard type that's a full page, pre-printed form with names and dates
filled in by hand and signed by the commanding officer. I don't know from
where my cousin acquired the document, nor if she had the original or just a
photocopy. Unfortunately, recent attempts to track her down and discuss it
have failed, although I continue to try.

Jean, you can cite this using a standard format for family artifacts.  You
describe what you have and the identify the person from whom you acquired it
(by name, location, time frame).

The real issue is what you do after that. Now that you know this ancestor
served and you have basic details about when and where--and probably the
unit--you'll want to find all the other records that were created as a
result of his service. That acquisition process will deliver for you the
details needed for a fully traceable citation to the original files--as well
as other valuable details and context for your family history.


Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
The Evidence Series

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