[APG Public List] How Do I Begin To Document and File Family History? (Genealogy) UPDATED

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How Do I Begin To Document and File Family History?
(Genealogy) UPDATED

Sub Section: Family Records & Family Traditions
Miscellaneous Record Sources of Genealogical Information
has been juxtaposed, for comparison and contrast with the
Encyclopedia of Genealogy, as well as the excellent and
meticulously detailed Genre Terms - Thesaurus, from the
Rare Books and Manuscripts Division of the Association
of College and Research Libraries.

Telling Your Story has been supplemented with a project:
Every Object Tells a Story, which provides family learning
through the use and presentation of treasured objects that
may be found in the home and in museums.

Your Old Books asks, "Are old letters, scrapbooks,
and documents valuable?"  [Collectors and librarians
often compete for the letters, cards, documents, photographs,
and manuscripts of famous people, creating a market for them.
The market value of such materials, like that of printed books,
depends on perceived importance and condition.  Similar materials
created by people who are not famous may be of interest to librarians
if they document a particular place, era, or segment of society.]

End Reference from Google™ Books: Caring for Your Family Treasures:
Heritage Preservation.  How to preserve heirlooms and other family
keepsakes, including photo albums, clothing, leather, paper documents,
scrapbooks, furniture, old silver, wedding gowns and dolls.
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