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State - National Budgets: Professional Researchers - Record Credibility

For what it is worth, many years ago, when on-site, physically
evaluating the Melvyl System at the University of California,
we noticed a trend toward globalization, with an adjustment of
record keeping, primarily directed through teaching interests
related to various university department faculty resources.

We had the opportunity to visit privately and observe stack
arrangements and reference procedures, at libraries like:
The Library of Congress, New York Public Library, Allen
County Public Library, UCLA, Clayton in Houston, and of
course various online resources such as  WorldCat.

We came to the conclusion that the best family history -
genealogy format online, was a concise version of that
developed by individuals at Stanford University, which
is show by example in updated Instructions at Ancestor
Roots Information, link:http://goo.gl/zCSwL

You will note the SEVENTH LINK SUB SET contains Culture
. . .
-  Stanford University: Online Italian Studies
Adjusted for the world wide purposes of those interested in family,
family history and genealogy, in abbreviated notation, is the format of:
using in particular, the world wide scholarly resources located at:

This information is being developed to conform to the best interests
of the "generational historian"; re: Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL,
FASG.  This site supersedes and displaces reliance on more locally
funded sites, and has a higher status of record credibility for researchers.
Our experience in link validation, reveals greater permanence in availability.

Genealogy and family history are no longer the static Library of Congress
sub sets of history; they are university, graduate level interdisciplinary 
They have been expanded and redeveloped by related global interests, such
as the travel industry, in government supported country reciprocity schedules.
http://travel.state.gov/visa/fees/fees_4881.html?cid=3699#docs  (United Kingdom)

Respectfully yours,

V. Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr.
Who's Who in America,
Millennium Edition [54th] through 2004
Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry, 
[both editions]
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