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I thought you might be interested in this message from one of my friends in Texas.  Hopefully, this is not a national trend.

Jeanette Daniels
Heritage Genealogical College

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Very Interesting and please pass it on…. 

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   You might want to send this out to our
  membership.  Scott Fitzgerald is involved with the East Texas Genealogy
  Society, Van Zandt County Genealogy, the Anderson County Genweb, and is the
  treasurer of the Texas State Genealogy Society.  It seems the state of
  Texas is determined to balance the budget on the backs of retired teachers
  (they are threatened to cut our pensions even though we have not had a raise
  in 10 years), school children, the poor, and government services that are
  utilized by the ordinary citizens.  This will effect all libraries, but
  will really hurt libraries in small communities. 

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  >From my county librarian:

  Pat Stephenson

  Madison County

  --- On Wed, 1/19/11, Texas Library Association <gloriam at txla.org>

  Proposed Texas Budget Demolishes 

  Statewide Library Programs 


  The first draft of the State's budget proposal for 2012-13 affects every

  statewide library program.   


  The proposal: 

  Eliminates Loan Star Libraries (direct aid grants to public libraries)

  Eliminates all state funding for TexShare databases (replaces state funding

  for databases with increased fees to member libraries)  

  Eliminates the K-12 Database program

  Eliminates the Library System Negotiated Grants Program (the new competitive

  grant program started last session for systems)

  Eliminates state funding for consulting services to libraries (program/staff

  based at the agency)

  Eliminates state funding for state depository program and TRAIL program

  Eliminates state funding for records management (replaces state funding with

  increased fees) 

  Assumes an overall loss of over $8 million in IMLS funds (Note:

  federalfunding is the source of funding for the regional library systems,

  the TANG program, and interlibrary loan.)

  Eliminates the Technology Allotment at TEA.


  This budget shows a 99% decrease in state funding for statewide local

  library aid programs and a 93% state cut to library resource sharing

  programs at the State Library. Overall, the agency cuts amount to about a

  70% cut in state funds and an all funds reduction about a third of the

  agency's budget. 


  >From the perspective of investing in communities, helping kids learn,

  spurring job placement, and maintaining a dynamic infrastructure for

  research and digital literacy through our libraries, this budget completely

  fails the people of Texas. The proposed recommendations amount to an

  abdication of responsibility, vision, and leadership. 


  For libraries, these recommendations not only potentially destroy almost

  every facet of critical statewide library services; they speak to a

  philosophy dismissive of supporting individuals and communities. 


  While this budget is just the starting point for deliberations, it is a

  frightening portent of the potential implosion of our state's infrastructure

  for learning and economic development. 


  We must not let this stand. It is not just our funding over the next two

  years that is in danger -- it is the vital understanding of libraries and

  their role in offering education, providing meaningful and proven support to

  our economy and institutions of learning, and speaking to a state of



  We need everyone to speak out for libraries. We need every library supporter

  to inundate their state representative and senator, the Governor, and the

  Lt. Governor with letters expressing the incredible damage these cuts would

  cause.We have a long and hard fight ahead of us, but it is one we must



  Here is what you can do...  
  1)      Call your state representative and
  senator and tell them not to cut

  library funding. Be prepared to make the case for your library and the

  impact it has on your community and students.For more information on library

  programs, see Issues and Taking Action.  

  2)      Develop an awareness campaign within you community.
  See the "What My

  Library Means to Me Campaign." Start marshaling your resources and get

  army of supporters mobilized for action. 

  3)      Inform people around you --  administrators,
  community powerbrokers,

  student groups, PTAs. Show them how they can save state funding for

  libraries. Ask them to speak and write to elected officials. 

  4)      Participate in Legislative Day. (There is still time
  to get a hotel

  room through tomorrow!) 

  5)      Write letters to the editor; contact your local
  mediaabout library


  6)      Above all: show up for duty!  This is a cause for
  each and every one

  of us, regardless of political affiliation.  We all want the same thing
  - a

  strong Texas with strong libraries.  If there was ever a time we needed

  library supporters to be proactive andaggressive in their support for

  libraries, THE TIME IS NOW.  


  Fight for our libraries.  

  Let's not undo a generation of progress!


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