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Meredith, et al,

I have written to Leslie privately but she definitely did bring up the point that there needs to be education in place before calling yourself a forensic genealogist.  Heritage Genealogical College is currently working on masters degrees in forensic genealogy and will official announce this in more detail once approved by the Utah Department of Consumer Protection.  There needs to be education and credentialing in place for this type of genealogical research in order to have credentials needed for authoritative verification.

This has nothing to do with BCG or ICAPGEN.  Neither of those organizations would have the ability to credential this higher-level of genealogical research.  I will be happy to announce in more detail the curriculum and those involved once everything is finalized and ready to go.  Some of us are already working on these masters degrees projects.  It has involved a great deal of work and research to come up with curriculum that completes with masters-level forensic research degrees. 


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Speaking as a graduate of the BU course, the three weeks that we spent on forensic genealogy were informative, instructive, and fascinating. Melinde Lutz Sanborne, who is a skilled working forensic genealogist, was the instructor. She covered the ethical and legal aspects of doing fg and the ways in which it's different from ancestor-focused genealogical research, gave a comprehensive presentation of the various "branches" of fg, talked about how to get involved/engaged as a professional fg, and provided us with several lengthy real-life practicums that enabled us to get a real feel for doing forensic genealogy.
As with the rest of the course, this "module" was outstanding and worthwhile.


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In addition to Alvie’s excellent post, the only formal educational program I know of with a forensic component is the Boston University Genealogical Research Certificate course. One of its three-week modules (of the fourteen week semester program) is on Forensic Genealogy.  The title is self-adopted as an informal job description as Alvie states.  Best wishes,Elissa  Elissa Scalise Powell, CGwww.PowellGenealogy.comCG and Certified Genealogist are Service Marks of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, used under license by board certificants after periodic evaluations by the Board.  From: apgpubliclist-bounces+elissa=powellgenealogy.com at apgen.org [mailto:apgpubliclist-bounces+elissa=powellgenealogy.com at apgen.org] On Behalf Of Alvie L Davidson
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Subject: [APG Public List] Forensic Genealogist  Good morning,I do not know of an official title of “forensic genealogist”.  It is more or less an informal job description.  There are a number of people (including myself) who are members of APG who work for attorneys and courts performing the task of forensic genealogy.  This is primarily done to prove heirs to an estate or to find the correct person or persons who can sign away the rights to real estate, mineral or oil rights.The work performed is done almost like any family genealogy but it just takes a lot of knowledge of the reason behind the search.I hope this gives you some idea and answer to your question.  Alvie L. DavidsonLakeland, FL  

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