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Liv Marit Haakenstad birislek at online.no
Wed Jan 19 14:39:05 MST 2011

And if you have a Mac, Reunion have an app where you could sync bough ways.

Liv Marit

Den 19. jan. 2011 kl. 16:39 skrev "A.C. Ivory" <ac.ivory at findmyancestor.com>:

> Larry (and others interested),
> I have not personally used databases such as Ancestry.com, Footnote.com or FamilySearch on my iPad, but I have heard from others that Ancestry.com works pretty well because their image viewer is not run by Adobe Flash. Both FamilySearch and Footnote use Flash in their image viewers, so they would not work on any mobile Apple device (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch).
> As far as browsing the Internet, I really enjoy it! The screen is large enough that most websites look completely normal as if I was viewing it on my computer. If you have ever used an iPhone you know that many websites "convert" everything into a mobile interface, but on the iPad most websites do not do that because of the size of the screen. You could still use the mobile version of the website if you wanted, but it is not necessary.
> I use my iPad a ton for genealogy purposes. I read all the blogs I follow, use many genealogy and non-genealogy related apps, browse the Internet, make notes, store documents, I have many of my books in an eBook format that I read directly from rather than carrying around a bag full of heavy books, as well as many other uses.
> There are actually quite a few apps available for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch for genealogy. I am actually presenting at the upcoming RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City on Mobile Apps for Genealogy. I will be doing live demonstrations of some of the apps available for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices. I also recently had a couple interviews with some fellow bloggers about my presentation I am giving. You can read those at: 
> http://www.blog.findmyancestor.com/2011/01/my-rootstech-interviews-with-lorine-schulze-and-thomas-macentee/
> Also, I do a blog series on 3 or 4 Mondays a month called Mobile Monday, talking about the apps available on mobile devices that can help us in our genealogical research, organization, education, etc. Go ahead and check out these blogs posts. I am sure that some of them can help you learn more about what is available for mobile devices.
> There are rumors that the iPad2 is going to have a camera. This will be handy for taking photos while you are on the go. But, in the mean time and if that doesn't happen at all, there is a cable you can connect to your iPad that will connect to your camera and/or an SD card and you can import photos. The cable can be found here.
> When I give my presentation next month at RootsTech I am also planning on giving my entire presentation from my iPad. There is a cable that will allow you to connect your iPad to a project and give your presentation form the device. You can find that cable here.
> I find there are many great and convenient uses for both my iPad and iPhone - both genealogy and not.
> A.C. Ivory
> ac.ivory at findmyancestor.com
> FindMyAncestor.com
> On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 4:41 AM, Larry Boswell <laboswell at rogers.com> wrote:
> Any thoughts on the IPAD and browsing from a genealogical point of view?   LImitations?  I know it doesn't have flash, does that shut out most databases?
> Need something very portable that can be quickly accessed (other than a notebook) that will synch to a mac.
> Larry
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