[APG Public List] IPAD

Neal Underwood neal4 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 19 13:27:35 MST 2011

In the next few months, it looks like there will be a flood of tablets 
coming on the market from all players, big and small, so I expect the price 
will drop dramatically. These will probably be the hot item for Christmas 
2011.  I will be waiting, however, for one that actually runs Android 3.0 
out of the box which, unlike Android 2.x or prior, is written for tablets 
and not cell phones. I expect the Android versions will run Flash and that 
applications will eventually exceed iPAD since the lower prices and 
resulting sales will attract more developers. To what extent the Android 3 
versions may or may not synch with a Mac (out of the box or after 
subsequent development) would be guesswork at this point.

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