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Donna, you mentioned that the mother died first.  In that case, the father may have applied for SSA benefits for the children under her account.  He would have also applied for the Lump Sum Death Benefit ($255) paid to the spouse for burial expenses.  Proof of marriage would be needed for that application.  If no marriage, then the benefit would have gone to the minor children.  Of course it is possible the funeral home did the application as that was still legal back in the 60s.  

As to whether the records are still around, don't hold your breath, although there might be microfilmed copies.  I do know that the Baltimore storage facility destroys a lot of records as soon as possible as they have no room.

Speaking as one who had to find old applications as part of her job at SSA.
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On Jan 9, 2011, at 7:26 PM, Donna McR wrote:

I should clarify:  what they said was that the application does not even include a question related to the marriage date (if any) of the parents.  Obviously, the applicant wouldn't be required to prove a marriage if there were not one, as that is unnecessary.  Only parenthood need be proved.  This I already knew.
I was just hoping there was a an optional question that asked for a date of marriage, as all I need is the marriage date of this particular married couple who died and left their orphaned children.
Thanks again for the feedback.
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I have had e-mails from two list members who have gone through this process and are familiar with the application for death benefits for children.  The application form does not ask for the marriage date of the parents.
Thanks for all the feedback.
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