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In all probability the marriage record would be on file because it would be 
 the proof needed to establish that the children are children of the 
deceased  wage earner. 
Once a person dies (in this case both parties to the marriage record  are 
deceased) FOIA goes into effect and you should be able to order the record  
provided they haven't trashed it by now.
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I have posed this question to the  Social Security Administration with no 
response as of yet, so I thought I'd  ask my question here.
In 1968, a man, previously  widowed, died leaving three small children.    
Would the  application for Social Security death benefits for the children 
include the  marriage date for the parents of the children?  Is this 
application  obtainable through the Freedom of Information Act?   At least two of  
the children (now adults) are still living.  Would one of them need to  order 
the record instead of me?
I appreciate the benefit of you  experience!
Warmest Regards,

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