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Thu Feb 10 10:56:25 MST 2011

<div bgcolor=3D"#ffffff">
<div>Sometimes my background in finance and my interest in genealogy merge =
unexpected ways.=A0 This morning I was watching CNBC report on improving jo=
numbers=A0while I was thinking about how my own professional genealogical=
activity has picked up lately.=A0 I wondered if there was a correlation=20
between=A0genealogical activity and the economy in=20
general?=A0=A0=A0So, what are others experiencing?=A0=20
Is=A0genealogy business picking up?=A0=A0 Maybe APG could start a=20
survey -- The Genealogy Economic Indicator?=A0 I suggest that mostly in=20
jest,=A0with a tinge of seriousness.</div>
<div>Judy Riffel</div>
<div>Baton Rouge, Louisiana</div></div>


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