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>  Sometimes my background in finance and my interest in genealogy merge in
> unexpected ways.  This morning I was watching CNBC report on improving jobs
> numbers while I was thinking about how my own professional genealogical
> activity has picked up lately.  I wondered if there was a correlation
> between genealogical activity and the economy in general?   So, what are
> others experiencing?  Is genealogy business picking up?   Maybe APG could
> start a survey -- The Genealogy Economic Indicator?  I suggest that mostly
> in jest, with a tinge of seriousness.
> Judy Riffel
> Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Judy, my business is definitely up, but I have been attributing it to the n=
ew APG link on and the effect of Who Do You Think You Are. The=
 show may have helped spark interest, the link made it easy to find a resea=
rcher, and the improving economy could be a factor supporting people&#39;s =
willingness to spend money on family history research. Interesting question=
/thought. Thanks for posting it.<div>
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ional Genealogist<br><a href=3D"">www.Ston=</a><br>Genealogical and Forensic Research<br>Heirloom Al=
bums and Wall Charts<br>

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