[APG Public List] Labelling photos

Bonnie Kohler kohlerbj at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 27 06:32:33 MST 2011

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer wrote:

> Label photos using a very soft pencil, not a pen, and definitely not a
> felt tip pen (ink may transfer to other photos in a stack). >
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I recently tried labeling the back side of a current black-and-white photo 
with a #1 soft lead pencil. The writing didn't show up on the photo paper. I 
wondered why we are instructed to use pencil when it doesn't work. Perhaps 
it works on older photos made of different photo paper. I ended up using an 
archival-type fine point permanent marker, but I wasn't pleased with that 
because I could see the dark lettering through the photo, even though I 
tried to label the photo in the darkest area of the image on the reverse.

Bonnie Dunphy Kohler
Florida Chapter 

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