[APG Public List] Death of a US Citizen abroad

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer christine3cats at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 14:34:19 MST 2011

Thanks from me, also, for the info that this is on Ancestry.com. I
didn't find the woman I was looking for who died in Berlin, but...I
have been trying to find out what happened to the two daughters of a
great-great-aunt (sister of the woman who died in Berlin) of my
husband. I knew that they and their (German-born) mother went to
Germany in the late 1910s, and hadn't located anything more about them
from there. I plugged in just their last name and found the death
record for their (German born, US naturalized) father, who died in
Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1937. The form at that time has a space for
"Address of relatives (so far as is known):" and the two girls are
listed with married surnames (Elsa Linse and Flora Hailer), with an
address in Munich, Germany. This puts me one step ahead in my efforts
to find out what happened to them.


Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer
Hyde Park, NY

Author of: Long-Distance Genealogy:
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