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Thanks, Michael.

I had actually considered that approach, but wanted to see if I could do 
a combined one. The reason I wanted a single footnote for this sentence 
is that it is not central to the problem I am presenting. It is part of 
some summary information.

If I cannot find a clean way to combine them, I will break them out.


On 2/14/2011 7:18 PM, Michael Hait wrote:
> The easy way around this problem would be to present the evidence from 
> each source in a separate, documented sentence, and to then have this 
> sentence as the conclusion of these separate statements without its 
> own separate citation.
> Michael Hait
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> *Subject:* [APG Members] Citation Question
> Hi everyone.
> I think this question has been answered several times, but my searches 
> in the archives have proven fruitless.
> I am writing a proof argument. I have a single statement in my 
> argument that references multiple sources. Here is the sentence:
>     "The family appeared to live on John's family farm from near the
>     time of their marriage on 1 September 1898 to when the family
>     broke apart in 1916 or 1917."
> This spans a 18 to 19 year period. The records that support this one 
> sentence include federal and state census records as well as school 
> records. These citations are not simple book or article examples. In 
> EE, Section 2.20, Elizabeth addresses the problem as "it is best to 
> cite each source in a separate sentence within the reference note."
> Can anyone provide an example of how to handle this? It would help me 
> craft my citation.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Michele Kemper
> www.shakeyourfamilytree.com

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