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What's New in Family History, Genealogy & Local History Books?

While updating The BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH, which now has
parent to child link connections for nodes of European Royalty,
I found it necessary to add Publications & Services - BRILL, which
currently has 1054 total scholarly results for 'keyword: medieval'.

Kingship and State Formation in Sweden 1130-1290
Extensive appendices are included on the genealogy
and landholdings of powerful families and on fortifications.
The book is well furnished with over forty maps and genealogical tables.

Forthcoming Titles 

Daughters of London In production
Expected: March 2011

In historical records, women appear as widows,
sometimes as wives or singlewomen, but one
thing they had in common was they all were daughters.
Through an examination of the Husting wills, Kate Staples
focuses on daughters in the late medieval capital and their
chances to own, rent, and manage property. These daughters
were provided opportunities to be active economic agents in
a world often described as hostile to women. Daughters of
London also considers parents’ influence through their
bequests to daughters and the visualization of daughters’
household spaces that these bequests allow. By focusing
on daughterhood, and particularly urban daughters’
experiences of inheritance, we can refocus the lens
through which we see and understand women’s lives
in the medieval past .

Example: 11 total results for 'keyword: genealogy'

The Genealogical Construction of the Kyrgyz
Republic Kinship, State and 'Tribalism' 

This book explores the conceptions of genealogy,
kinship and ‘tribalism’ in the intertwined construction
of personhood and national identity in the Kyrgyz Republic.
It makes an important contribution to several theoretical
and regional debates. First, it engages with broader
anthropological literature. Genealogy, a central theme
of the work, is explored not only as an analysis of
relationships, but also as a methodological tool
through which to examine society. Second, the
book contributes to theories of kinship and the
state. Research provides detailed accounts of
Soviet and post-Soviet transformations, and
their influence on people’s everyday lives.
Third, the book fills a gap in Central/Inner
Asian literature by focusing on social relations
during a period of political upheaval. 

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