[APG Public List] report of the SLU APG meeting about New Family Search

Jeanette Daniels jeanettedaniels8667 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 12 10:17:44 MST 2011

Dear Doug and Connie and Others,

Both of you were interested in the information about New Family Search.  Our SLU Chapter had  a very informative meeting with a member of the New Family Search team from the FHL.  The big news is that the New Family Search program, not available to the public yet, will be ended soon and another program (currently planned to be called "Conclusion Tree') will become open to the public.  This new program will include space to upload documentation for all information found in the Conclusion Tree.  There will also be space for typewritten information so that explanations of what was found in the documents may be presented or other information needed such as if there are questions regarding a family myth versus what is found in documents, etc.  In other words, all information may be properly documented and cited with this new program.

Hopefully, if I am understanding correctly, there will be a verifiable family tree that we may all use, contribute to, and made as accurate as possible.  This new Conclusion Tree will hopefully be out by the end of 2011.  .  

Just know that this is being worked on and we can all rejoice that the FHL is working on making a verifiable family tree for us all.  

Jeanette Daniels
Heritage Genealogical College

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