[APG Public List] Charleston NGS Vendor Booth Help

Alvie L Davidson floridasearch at verizon.net
Tue Feb 1 03:29:44 MST 2011

Good morning Fellow APGers,

I find it time to begin asking for volunteers to assist in the APG booth for
the vendor hall at Charleston, SC.  I have found it a pleasure to reach out
to the members and get needed help.

The booth will be staffed on Wed from 9:30 til 5 pm; Thurs from 9:00 til
7:00 pm; Fri from 9:00 til 5:00 pm; and Sat 9:00 til 3 pm.

We will have to take into consideration the APG Luncheon on Friday beginning
at 12:15.  If there is someone who will not be attending the luncheon and
would like to cover the 

Booth to prevent having to close the booth, please speak up so we can get
that behind us.

I am attaching a link to allow you to look at the booth schedule.  Just
click on the link, find your volunteer slot or slots and email me directly.






Alvie L. Davidson 

Lakeland, FL 


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