[APG Public List] need help in Buffalo, NY

Carolyne Gould carolyne_cwy at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 30 17:40:52 MDT 2010

At 10:28 AM -0700 9/30/10, Ray Beere Johnson II wrote:
>      _I have been guilty of this type of mistake myself._ I wouldn't 
>point out "the obvious", except that there is a lesson in here for 
>all of us.
>      If you will simply read the subject line of the e-mail you 
>responded to, I think you'll see your question was anticipated... :-)

You are right, of course, Ray. Aside from the issue of watching for 
all little details in research, I have developed a habit of not 
paying attention to subject lines when reading email. (I do with 
regard to a reply). So often I have found that the subject line 
really doesn't explain what the content of the email is really about 
--- just like message board posts that say "Help" <grin>

My bad,

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