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Ida, that is great advice.  When I was in Des Moines, I was able to search the microfilm of the marriage records for my grandparents marriage.  It was interesting as it listed parental information for the bride and groom, although the place of birth was only the country (Scotland for the groom) and the state for the bride.  This family is very matriarchal, so I knew the bride's information but not the groom's.  I did have a hard time finding it because my Dad was born Feb 1917, so I hunted all through 1916 for the record - I finally found it - Jan 1917, about 1 month before Dad was born!  Shotgun wedding anyone?
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A certificate may just be a modern form with the information typed in. 

Some time ago when I requested a mid 19th Century marriage record from Iowa, I asked for a photocopy of the record from the marriage register. To my surprise, the county took me quite literally and sent a long narrow strip of paper. After that I would request specifically also a copy of the page headings with page number and the spine with volume number along with any letter from an underage bride's parent or guardian bound into the register. You will probably get more and more accurate information from the marriage register than from a newly typed marriage certificate. 

For 20th Century it may also be possible to get a photocopy of the application for license with signatures, although these applications may have been destroyed or turned over to a historical society or archives. The signatures are especially helpful when clerks have had a problem reading the names.

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