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One of the instructors in the BU Gen course is Dr. Tom Jones who has a
favorite expression "It depends." This is applicable here. It depends on
your experience level going into the course. It depends on your computer
experience. It depends on if you have to learn basics along with the course.
It depends on how much you want to put into the course. It depends on how
much outside reading you want to do. It depends on if you get stuck down
some "rabbit holes" that are not part of the course but sure are
interesting! It depends on how much time you spend in the social discussions
with your classmates. It depends on if you must ace the course or if a B or
C grade will do (anything with a C average or above will get a certificate).


The online course is the same content as the on-campus course but obviously
has some variances. The on-campus students meet for 7 hours (plus 1 hour
lunch) each Saturday and then have homework which will take varying amounts
of time depending on what experience and efficiency you bring to each
module's topic. At 5 o'clock on each Saturday, the instruction ends. Not so
with the online class. No one tells the online students to "turn off the
computer and go home." It is so easy to explore websites and read about
interesting topics which may lead down the "rabbit hole" to Wonderland but
time does have a way of vanishing there. 


So hearing that people spend 10, 20, 30, or even 40 a week in an online
class depends on what they were doing and if they were doing class work or
not. The course is refined each time it is presented and student feedback is
seriously taken which influences modifications and enhancements. Therefore
each class may experience something a little different. The course, as
presented, should not take more than the 14 hours a week that the intake
company hired by BU is telling you. That would be logging on for 2 hours
each and every day of the 14 weeks. However it is so easy to check in with
classmates and ask about their family, family history or a repository near
them that you need. While networking is essential in our profession, the
casual conversations should not be counted toward the class hours. 


Best wishes,


Instructor, on campus BU Gen Foundations module

Instructor, online BU Gen modules 1, 5, 6


Elissa Scalise Powell, CG

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I just talked to BU yesterday and they told me that the online course would
only be 12-14 hours/week including course and homework.  Do you agree which
that figure?  


When I read about Meredith Hoffman's BU courses she took on-site involved
"8-hour-day in class for 14 weeks, and most of us spent around 15-25
additional hours a week doing the interesting and challenging homework", it
really concerned me.


Is BU being honest with me regarding the time involved?


Jo Ann Farrington-Dorgan

Timeless Trails LLC

Sierra Vista, AZ



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I took the online course this past Winter/Spring (began in January).  It was
absolutely fantastic!!

I don't know if the NGS, etc. actually approve courses or not, other than
their own.  I DO know that I received a 10% discount for being a member of
NGS.  I don't know if they still offer that or not.  

The instructors were excellent--some of the best you will ever find.  The
cost was well worth every penny I paid.  It was a very intense course, and
after "doing" genealogy for over 20 years I still learned SO much.  I am
currently working as a professional, and my work just keeps getting better
with each project.  I have applied everything I learned into my research,
writing, reports, etc.

I compared a lot of courses.  As far as I am concerned, you will not find a
course like this anywhere.  IGHR and SLIG are only offered at a specific
time of the year, AND you have to travel.  The BU course can be done from
the comfort of your sofa.  :-)

Debbie Hooper
2nd OL Class BU


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What other colleges or places can you take classes... I am curious about
Heritage Genealogical College and http://genealogy.edu/moodle/

Which one has been approved by NGS, FGS,ICAPGEN or BC....

I would hate to see someone take classes and then find out it is not valid

I am familiar with http://www4.samford.edu/schools/ighr/ and BYU.

Debbe Hagner


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