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The BU course -- as someone else mentioned -- is a single course that  
issues a certificate of completion. There is no academic credit  
associated with the course.

And BCG does not "accept" courses from any venue in terms of any  
direct application to certification -- but the BU course is one of  
several that are on their list of suggestions for furthering one's  
genealogical education.

I suggest, Debbe H, if you're interested in looking more closely at a  
variety of educational opportunities, you might want to check out the  
BCG page on "Educational Preparation": http://www.bcgcertification.org/certification/educ.html

That said, I agree with Debbie Hooper's endorsement of the quality and  
value of the BU course. I took the on-the-ground version of the course  
last fall, and I completely second all that Debbie said with regard to  
the quality of the instructors and the course work, the intensity of  
the course (a full 8-hour-day in class for 14 weeks, and most of us  
spent around 15-25 additional hours a week doing the interesting and  
challenging homework assignments), and the immediate applicability of  
what I learned to improving my own research and the work that I do for  
my clients in so many ways -- including becoming more productive and  
efficient, as well as expanding my knowledge of resources, sourcing,  
research strategies, ....


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On 2010Sep13, at 7:16 PM, Debbie Hooper wrote:

> Debbe,
> I took the online course this past Winter/Spring (began in  
> January).  It was absolutely fantastic!!
> I don't know if the NGS, etc. actually approve courses or not, other  
> than their own.  I DO know that I received a 10% discount for being  
> a member of NGS.  I don't know if they still offer that or not.
> The instructors were excellent--some of the best you will ever  
> find.  The cost was well worth every penny I paid.  It was a very  
> intense course, and after "doing" genealogy for over 20 years I  
> still learned SO much.  I am currently working as a professional,  
> and my work just keeps getting better with each project.  I have  
> applied everything I learned into my research, writing, reports, etc.
> I compared a lot of courses.  As far as I am concerned, you will not  
> find a course like this anywhere.  IGHR and SLIG are only offered at  
> a specific time of the year, AND you have to travel.  The BU course  
> can be done from the comfort of your sofa.  :-)
> Debbie Hooper
> 2nd OL Class BU
> Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 14:10:32 -0700
> From: debbehagner at yahoo.com
> To: apgpubliclist at apgen.org
> Subject: [APG Public List] Is this college approved for certification
> http://www.bugenealogy.com/index.htm
> What other colleges or places can you take classes... I am curious  
> about Heritage Genealogical College and http://genealogy.edu/moodle/
> Which one has been approved by NGS, FGS,ICAPGEN or BC....
> I would hate to see someone take classes and then find out it is not  
> valid course...
> I am familiar with http://www4.samford.edu/schools/ighr/ and BYU.
> Debbe Hagner

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