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When searching for a passenger list of a ship, I prefer the way the results are displayed when searching for the ship at the Ellis Island Website. The passengers are indexed in a table, 50 passengers to a page.

To search the ship arrivals at the Ellis Island Website, click on Passenger Search and select Search by Ship, click the first letter of the ship's name, click the name of a ship from the list, select a year of arrival for the ship name, select a date of arrival and port of departure, and see the indexed list of passengers.


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  Some additional research reveals that I need to correct what I said previously.

  Sharon Todtenbier, co-owner of TheShipsList, reports that Hoboken was not a port of entry.  First and perhaps second class passengers on ships to Hoboken were processed in Hoboken, but steerage passengers were placed on ferries to Ellis Island and processed there.  She also states that these passenger lists are "filed with ships arriving at the port of New York."


  A search for the ship "Venetia" in Steve Morse's website (Ellis Island Ship Lists) shows that the Venetia arrived in New York five times in 1895:


  If you click on the name of the ship in the list on Steve Morse's site, you can scroll through all pages of the manifests for those five arrivals and look for the names manually.

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