[APG Public List] Word, WordPerfect, Layout, etc.

Michael John Neill mjnrootdig at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 08:07:58 MDT 2010

Thanks for all the responses to this thread. I didn't think it would
generate as much commentary as it did. There have been some good ideas and
thoughts in this thread and I appreciate those who took the time to comment,
either publicly or privately.

Based upon what I read, I'm sticking with Word for the time being as that
seems to be working about 95% of the time for the proofreader and me. I
decided years ago that I did not want to be a programmer and when anything
starts to require me to devote too much time to "programming" type
activities, I chose a different route. There is only so much time and I
would rather devote what time and energy I have to research, writing, and
understanding the family, it's records and the context in which they were
created. If I have to do that at the expense of the graphic that
occasionally is 1/16 of an inch off, then so be it. But that's just me.
Everyone needs to determine how they best work and what works best for them.
That's why this list is great as we all have different perspectives and are
able to share those perspectives.


Michael John Neill
Casefile Clues-Genealogy How-Tos
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