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Amy Crow amy at amyjohnsoncrow.com
Tue Sep 14 05:19:05 MDT 2010

Running Windows on a Mac is actually rather painless. I use VMware Fusion and found the set-up to be rather straightforward. I know of others that have had good success with Parallels. The downside is the space it takes up on the hard drive and the expense of obtaining a copy of Windows. But I've had no problems running various PC-native programs and saving the results to the Mac side of the machine. 

Amy Johnson Crow

On Sep 13, 2010, at 11:38 PM, Ray Beere Johnson II wrote:

>     Footnote: for the Mac users among you, I do know these options exist, but I don't know as much about them as I do about running other systems under either Windows or Linux. So please don't ask me for too many details... ;-) Even on a Windows or Linux machine, it is not a simple subject. I'm neither trying, nor offering, to take the _extensive_ time required to help anyone with this in detail, merely letting you know there are choices, and giving you a pointer to what to ask about when you're looking for a uber-geek. Some of these guys will charge you much more than others, so shop around. But also remember that, below a certain threshold, you get what you pay for. The software required is often free - but the work and skills required are not negligible by any means.
>     Linux licenses seldom if ever will restrict you from trying this. A Windows license will let you install the software on a specified number of machines - there is nothing to keep you from running it inside another OS. For Windows or Linux users eager to try the Mac OS - there are potential licensing issues. Consult your own lawyer, make your own decision.
>                           Ray Beere Johnson II

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