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Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 21:38:56 MDT 2010

--- On Mon, 9/13/10, Jacqueline Wilson <wilssearch at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ray:  I have to say - I like your wording "want a tool which will 
> torment me while I'm working" - for me that includes Pages, Word, 
> InDesign and Publisher!  I have not had access to Word Perfect in
> years. It looks like it does not work on a Mac, so it looks like I will 
> continue to be tormented while I work.  

     I can't promise WordPerfect will work for everyone. And, of course, with any tool, there is a period of learning how to best use it before you can relax and be happy, even if the tool is a good fit.
     But when I see people who say 'the tool I'm interested in won't work on a Mac / Windows / Linux box', I am reminded that many people fail to understand what is possible on _any_ platform today. True, most of the native solutions are flawed, often deeply so. WINE - a Linux program for running native Windows apps - will not run at least as many apps as the ones which do work under it. I'm not as familiar with Boot Camp, but the Mac geeks I know are not generally impressed.
     But there _is_ another solution. Granted, almost all of you would first have to find a geek who really knows what they're doing. But for many of you, the rewards might well be worth it.
     There are various ways - on _any_ platform - to set up virtual machines which run another OS, so you can then use apps available only for that OS. In most cases, you do _not_ have to reboot; you can use one OS from within another - in a sort of "window". There is always a technical hit; the severity depends on your machine's specs and what you're trying to do. But for most machines, the hit isn't severe enough to prevent you from making use of non-native tools.
     Some of you will be afraid to try this, or will be convinced the cost isn't worth the rewards. That's your choice, of course. But, whenever you wish you could try a tool that's "only available" on someone else's machine, at least keep in mind that there are alternatives.
     Footnote: for the Mac users among you, I do know these options exist, but I don't know as much about them as I do about running other systems under either Windows or Linux. So please don't ask me for too many details... ;-) Even on a Windows or Linux machine, it is not a simple subject. I'm neither trying, nor offering, to take the _extensive_ time required to help anyone with this in detail, merely letting you know there are choices, and giving you a pointer to what to ask about when you're looking for a uber-geek. Some of these guys will charge you much more than others, so shop around. But also remember that, below a certain threshold, you get what you pay for. The software required is often free - but the work and skills required are not negligible by any means.
     Linux licenses seldom if ever will restrict you from trying this. A Windows license will let you install the software on a specified number of machines - there is nothing to keep you from running it inside another OS. For Windows or Linux users eager to try the Mac OS - there are potential licensing issues. Consult your own lawyer, make your own decision.
                           Ray Beere Johnson II


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