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> And since the actual latitude and longitude of a place won't change, [....]

     Actually, as someone has already pointed out, although the co-ordinate _system_ may not change, the actual co-ordinates of any given place _may_ change. This can come about through earthquake (the one in January? of this year in Chile springs to mind), through the physical removal of graves to another place (as happened when the Quabbin Reservoir was constructed in Massachusetts - although in some cases the grave was moved but not the marker, in others the marker seems to have been moved but not the grave...), or various other means.
     This reminder is _not_ to suggest that using such co-ordinates has no use at all. It is simply a reminder that, in their own way, these "permanent" co-ordinates can be as problematic as historical place names versus present ones. :-) Confusing the system with the detailed locations that system is used to point to will only add to the layers of obscurity future genealogists will need to sift through.
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