[APG Public List] Best genealogy software for historical research?

Pat Asher pjroots at att.net
Wed Oct 27 11:26:08 MDT 2010

At 06:05 PM 10/26/2010, Katherine Pickering Antonova wrote:
>- I want to keep track of three interrelated families from the 17th
>century to the present. So, I need to be able to print something more
>complex than a "tree" structure with all the branches coming from one
>common ancestor or one common descendant. This has been a problem with
>some of the trials I've looked at.

RootsMagic (full featured) has a Wall Chart you can use to include or 
exclude anyone you want, and link them or not, as 
desired.  Essentially, you "draw" your own chart.  You can paste 
unlinked families, add or subtract data and/or notes for individual entries.

I used it to create a rather complicated chart for a stud horse who 
had offspring with 20 or 30 dams.  The owner wanted to include 
rellies of the various dams who also produced outstanding colts and 
fillies.  So there were many entries on the chart who were not 
related at all. ( It was a huge chart <g> )

Of course, if you want a narrative report that somehow combined 
unrelated families, this wouldn't fill the bill.

Pat Asher

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