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Tue Oct 26 12:52:23 MDT 2010

Larry wrote:
>But I wonder too if how we cite things is going to change given digital
realities. I've argued before that digital access has substantially altered
such things, and raised new options/potentials (as well as new problems)
that aren't being fully addressed (my opinion).  But that latter bit would
be better talked about on a list dedicated to such things.
How we cite things has indeed already changed as a result of "digital
realities," and it continues to change. Between the time that Evidence! was
created in the 1995-97 period and the first QuickSheet in the Evidence
series was issued in 2005, many significant changes had occurred---which was
the reason for the introduction of the QuickSheets for citing online sources
(the QuickSheets are much easier to keep updated than books). Even between
the first and second editions of Evidence Explained (2007 and 2009), changes
It seems to me that APG's two list-serves are an excellent forum for
discussing how to record documentation for our research.  It's a topic
essential to everyone on the lists, no?

Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
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