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Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 11:12:59 MDT 2010

     You raised a very astute question. _If_ such an application were free _and open source_, there would be a chance for anyone who could understand the program code to see just what it did. But even then I would be very cautious when dealing with an app that automatically monitored your system and downloaded data. It would be very easy to miss some slight loophole that would allow it to do much more than you expected. Without the ability to inspect the code, I wouldn't even consider allowing this anywhere near my machine for a second. And this does not sound like a FOSS project. (I was not even willing to visit the site after reading about this tool.)
     A few other thoughts. This is not just software, which costs its creators only time and effort - which they may be repaid for by increased experience and reputation (motivations, along with simple altruism, that motivate many open source developers). It would require a _server_ to store your data. Someone has to pay for that server; the data storage space and the bandwidth involved. To offer even a fair chance of keeping your data safe for when you need it, they need more than a basic server tucked away anywhere. They need redundancy, several sites, and so on. All this costs money. That makes me even more suspicious.
     Yes, there are services which begin by providing free offering, to gain users and visibility, then seek to make a profit by adding paid options. Some of them are legitimate. I know nothing of this one other than what is said below - but what I infer from that, in terms of what it could potentially do and in terms of the cash outlay required to make such a service worth trusting, would make me take a _very big_ step back. They'd have to answer a lot of questions, very publicly, before I'd feel comfortable even thinking about trying them out.
                           Just my opinion,

                           Ray Beere Johnson II

--- On Wed, 10/20/10, Jeanette Daniels <jeanettedaniels8667 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> It's sounds scary to me - like what else can it automatically pick up 
> from your computer?

> From: "Charles S. Mason, Jr." <cgrs791 at netscape.com>
> Has anyone heard of this program and is it really free and safe
> to use? 
> There is a FREE program available "backupmytree.com" that will when 
> loaded on your computer automatically back up your family tree program 
> to their system and each time you update your file it will 
> automatically down load that upgrade also. 
> They claim that in the future additional optional enhancements will be 
> available at a charge which will allow them to make a profit. The idea 
> is great because they claim you can access your file from any computer 
> that you want. That will allow someone to show family members what
> they have when visiting them. 
> A free service seems too good to be true.


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