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I didn't respond to you privately (or at least I didn't do so 

But more than that too, and I cited a couple of commonly known examples 
(patron saint's feast day,  using important feast days as a way of 
expressing faith even when that faith was banned, others...).  Even with the 
liturgical year it's a direct "preference" not to marry in those periods. 
There's no church law or restriction to avoid those times of the year.  Only 
a preference not to marry during the periods of penitence. There's 
absolutely no reason otherwise why a Catholic couldn't marry during Advent 
or Lent  unless it was her or his preference not to do so (unless the parish 
priest was obstinate about not complying I guess).  I don't know how else to 
define "preference" but as a choice in the absence of any restriction


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  Thanks to everyone who commented on this topic, including Larry who
  responded privately. To me "a definite preference for Catholics as to
  preferred times of the year for marriages" is not the same thing as
  having times of the liturgical year when receiving the sacrament of
  matrimony is discouraged or even forbidden. I just wanted to be sure I
  understood what was said.

  Nora Galvin
  Bridgeport, Connecticut

  Aunt Lizzie's Trunk wrote:
  > Having been raised Catholic, I am quite surprised to hear this. Do you
  > have documentation?
  > Nora
  > LBoswell wrote:
  >> there was (is still?) a definite preference for Catholics as to
  >> preferred times of the year for marriages.  Could it be related to
  >> her religious faith?
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  >>     Preferences?
  >>     My newly "found" aunt has five (so far) documentable marriage
  >>     dates between 1856 and 1883. Each marriage took place in either
  >>     February or March, which seemed a little coincidental. Has anyone
  >>     noticed anything in the way of "preferences" or tendencies for the
  >>     time of a year for marriages during this time period? Or was it
  >>     just that this lady apparently preferred marrying during those
  >>     months. These marriages took place in Nebraska and Iowa. Aunt Emma
  >>     has at least one other marriage, but I just don't have a date.
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