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I withdrew my response privately but just in case I'll mention it here too. 
I saw Alabama but registered it as "Virginia".  CSS Virginia is of interest 
to me, not the Alabama.  My relative, a British subject was on the Virginia 
but unofficially (likely as a British artillery observer), so records are 
scarce and I'm always quick to pursue anything that comes along as a result!

too quick this time, so Kathleen's offer is still available I imagine.

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  Please!  I have a direct relative who was on the CSS Alabama and am 
interested in anything and everything I can find about it.  His name was 
James Mabey, and he may have been on board has an artillery observer.

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    Hello All -

    I have come across a research folder on the CSS Alabama.  If this is 
something that you are researching and would be interested in, please email 
me and you can have it!


    Kathleen Cogbill Warr
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