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I too am in agreement with "paid" and the initials "RG." 

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On Oct 3, 2010, at 10:21 AM, Michael Hait wrote:

> To me it looks like "paid" and "RG" -- likely the clerk's initials, who received payment of the recording fee.
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> I'm looking at the original copy of an 1863 deed.
> I'm trying to get a fix on what one word and initials on an original deed might stand for. It appears to be the part of the original deed where the Recorder's Office could make notes. Above it is the information regarding the recording of the deed. In the very bottom right is a number (17267), which is apparently a document number assigned by the Recorder's Office as it appears in the upper left of the recorded copy of the deed.
> I have posted an image here:
> http://blog.casefileclues.com/2010/10/left-hand-corner-says.html
> Any thoughts?
> It looks like "Naill RG" but I'm not certain.
> Michael
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