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This citation example is very interesting, and I appreciate the people who
have taken the time to post and reply. I have a couple of very small
questions regarding Elizabeth's suggested citation. (Please forgive me for
asking such nitpicky questions. Kerry Scott's blog post is ringing in my
ears as I ask this ;-), but these things apply to so many of my citations
that the answers would be really helpful to me.)

- Since "c1850s-1911" includes an abbreviation for "circa," does the
abbreviation not require a period? I usually use ca., and I presume that ca.
and c. are interchangeable, but I thought both required a period.

-I believe that it is preferable to use traditional abbreviations for the
names of states, rather than the postal codes, but where do we find the most
acceptable abbreviations? I have been using "Penn." for Pennsylvania, but I
notice that Elizabeth uses "Pa." Are these abbreviations standardized
somewhere? Or are several different forms acceptable, such as Pa. and Penn.?

Thank you for bearing with me on these questions.

Cathi Desmarais

On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 4:39 PM, <eshown at comcast.net> wrote:

> (partial quote)
> Based on the details that have been presented, the following would be my
> own suggestion:
> Samuel MacMillan, transcriber, Death register kept by Dr. James T. Herron,
> Canonsburg, Pa., c1850s-1911 (untitled manuscript, 1914), p. __; photocopy
> available at Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
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