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The problem with Revolutionary War Records is that the United States was  
not a nation during that time.  Most of the records were local or colonial  
(state).  The Federal government began collecting records for pensions and  
bounty land and then there was that little disagreement with the British in 
1814  and much of those early records were burnt. A lot of the Virginia 
records were  lost when the Union troops burned Richmond.  Massachusetts have 
great  records both at the town and state level. New Jersey records are 
horrible as  most of the militia records were kept by the Captain and went home 
with him at  the end of the war.  They do have an extensive collection of 
receipts for  damages caused by the British troops.  
So the first question should be what colony are you looking for? Do you  
have reason to believe the person served in wither local militia or the state  
levy to the continental levy. 
D.A.R and S.A.R as well as S.R. ( Daughter of the American Revolution, Sons 
 of the American Revolution, and Sons of the Revolution) are all national  
organization who have collected a lot of records but by no means  
exhaustive.  There was a Daughters of the Revolution but it disbanded 30+  years ago. 
Last I heard their records are in a library on long Island. 
Julia Coldren-Walker
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Does anyone know if there is a "good" depository for Rev War  records?  One 
that is quite complete (if that does exist) ?
Many thanks!
Ellie Swanger, CO

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