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Rosalie Schack historyhunter at q.com
Sat Nov 13 19:54:27 MST 2010

The discusion about adopted children reminds me of research I did for a client who wanted to know if her grandmother was adopted. Her grandmother was the youngest of a family of many siblings. Research revealed that she was the daughter of the oldest sibling, born out of wedlock. This was before births  were recorded, but church baptismal records revealed the parantage. The father's name was not given. The child was raised as the youngest sibling in the family, and the child's mother married a few years later and moved to another state, leaving her daughter to be raised by her parents, ie. the child's grandparents. A state census listed a different birthplace of father and mother for this youngest child, as compared to her older "siblings", but every other record located listed her as the daughter of her grandparents. Although never formally adopted, she was raised as a daughter instead of a granddaughter, and she always considered her grandparents her parents. It made for a complicated report. I was glad I didn't have to fill out a family chart! At least the biological line and the adoptive line are the same. I'm sure this is a situation that is not unique.

Rosalie Eben Schack, CG
Owatonna, Minnesota

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