[APG Public List] Adopted children in genealogy

Mary Swanson mswanson4 at charter.net
Sat Nov 13 12:21:24 MST 2010

I'm interested in the list readers' thoughts concerning the following.  A 
husband and wife have two children.  The marriage ends in divorce...the 
mother remarries and the ex-husband gives up all rights to his two children. 
The two children are then known by their adoptive father's surname.  All 
family members know the biological and adoptive father's.  The original 
husband would be noted, of course, as the woman's first husband and 
biological father of the two children.  But should the children be entered 
only under their adopted surname or should the biological surname be 
included in parenthesis along with the adopted surname?  Or, is there 
another way of entering this situation in a genealogy?
Thanks, Mary 

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