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Martha Grenzeback graymatters at windstream.net
Fri Nov 12 21:35:50 MST 2010

If you mean Early Settlers of Nantucket (1901), by Lydia Swain 
(Mitchell) Hinchman, it is available digitized online.... 
http://www.archive.org/details/earlysettlersofn00hinch, also through 
the BYU Family History 
Or the original 1896 edition is also available full-view through 
Google Books. Though I see there was a third edition in 1934, 
reprinted in 1980--was that a revised edition? That might be harder 
to get, though you'd have to check all the libraries that have it to 
see whether they lend it or not.

Martha Grenzeback
graymatters at windstream.net

At 02:50 AM 11/12/2010, Alvie L  Davidson wrote:
>Good morning folks,
>I would love to find someone who might have a "First Settlers of 
>Nantucket" by Lydia Hinchman who would be willing to lend to me for 
>about 30 days.  I can always wait until I travel to Salt Lake City 
>in February but I would like to begin digging out facts from this 
>book about early Nantucket Quakers.
>I would be glad to put some sort of security cash deposit in case it 
>gets lost in travel.  The book now sells for about $120.
>I once owned the book but it no longer sits on my library shelf.
>Interlibrary loan clerk in our library says it is a reference book 
>and she says she cannot borrow it.
>Anyone who can do this I will be grateful for your help.
>Alvie L. Davidson
>Lakeland, FL
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