[APG Public List] Genealogy Program Specifications

linda at fpr.com linda at fpr.com
Fri Nov 12 11:46:44 MST 2010

Elizabeth wrote:
> The "sig police," I hear, are in cahoots with the "citation police." If so,
> their bark's worse than their bite. J

I'm glad.   My violations on the citation side mount up too quickly to
keep track of.  The whispers of any cit police out there are drowned out
by the ones in my head when I think about it.  I try not to think about
it too much. <g>

After reading Elizabeth's description of signature etiquette and
academia, I knew I was correct to trust my instinct and omit my meager
academic "credentials" which are so old they hardly matter any more. 
Even when they were brand new I spent more time explaining them than the
time was worth.   <g>   although they do give insight to my approach to
education, obviously lacking in the mechanics of written English.

Linda Gardner

B.A., Technology and Social Change
graduate credits: Operations Research, Computer Science, Sociology,
Human Factors Engineering

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