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 I use macfamilytree and switched from FTM when it crashed. I have had great success with it until I just tried to download v6, it started acting "funny". It won't let me open the previous version, I have to download the new version. So right now I am stuck. I like macfamilytree, they do a wonderful relationship chart. But the tech support is HORRIBLE, you have to email, so I have no one to call and get help. (my 2cents)




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I don't follow ESM's source citation styles, though I do use some parts of EE as 

a reference, along with several other citation references.   I don't see a need 

to have source citation templates in a gen program, so that's not a problem for 

me.  Some simple way to attach source citations to facts fills my needs.  I 

think there's too much potential of ending up with something that doesn't match 

the purposes that I create source citations for, when you fill in blanks in some 

template.  Form and format is not as important to me as content and purpose.  

And though I know many will argue that you need the former to rationalize the 

latter, I don't agree.  I think sometimes we are too consumed by "proper format" 

and form in genealogy, at the expense of more important things.  If I was 

writing an article for a journal or magazine, of course I would conform to their 

standards, that would be a given (or the article wouldn't get past the gate, I 



On 2010-11-09, at 12:01 PM, John H. Yates wrote:

> I am still looking for a Mac program I can use. I am hopeful for the recently 

released FTM for Mac. I hope they do justice to ESM's Evidence Style Templates. 

(does anyone know yet?)


> Reunion does not have ES templates, can only use commas as delimiters, and 

they won't discuss plans regarding it. I left them because of that.


> John



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> Any suggestions for Mac application? Is Reunion the best option?


> thx


> Larry

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