[APG Public List] Borrow a book by an APG Member

Alvie L Davidson floridasearch at verizon.net
Fri Nov 12 01:50:11 MST 2010

Good morning folks,

I would love to find someone who might have a "First Settlers of Nantucket"
by Lydia Hinchman who would be willing to lend to me for about 30 days.  I
can always wait until I travel to Salt Lake City in February but I would
like to begin digging out facts from this book about early Nantucket

I would be glad to put some sort of security cash deposit in case it gets
lost in travel.  The book now sells for about $120.

I once owned the book but it no longer sits on my library shelf.

Interlibrary loan clerk in our library says it is a reference book and she
says she cannot borrow it.

Anyone who can do this I will be grateful for your help.


Alvie L. Davidson 

Lakeland, FL 


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