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John john at jytangledweb.org
Tue Nov 9 13:34:47 MST 2010

In the IT world the specs are written by professionals with no conflict of interest, and then the programmers write to the specs, not to their interests.

Today, we have what you say. Sadly.

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I believe there is a fresh breeze ablowin' and from my understanding what
you propose is what is happening. However it takes a long time to turn the
train and many hands. RootsTech appears to be the meeting place of those who
care to turn the tide and sit in the driver's seat of that train. And yes,
some are even professional genealogists. <g>


Of course one can always lead the horse to water but can you make a
programmer drink of the waters? 


Do we have enough metaphors? <g>


-- Elissa


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I just read about this on line. Although valuable, it isn't what I had in

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