[APG Public List] step son with apologies

Larry Boswell laboswell at rogers.com
Mon Nov 8 06:35:39 MST 2010

sorry, sent that one under the wrong subject heading.  Need another coffee this morning to wake up 

On 2010-11-08, at 8:34 AM, Larry Boswell wrote:

> Right after I sent that previous email I realized that there's exactly that situation in my own family (and in more modern times).   My paternal grandparents raised a nephew who referred to my grandfather as his step-father, even though they never adopted him or had formal guardianship.  His parents had been involved in a car accident, resulting in his father's death and his mother suffering severe injuries.  My grandparents took the nephew in at that point (he was under a year old), and raised him as their own.  He knew he wasn't their son, but thought that both his mother and father had been killed.  I uncovered the family secret that his mother had lived, had remarried later, and had more children.  Even my own father who was raised with him had no idea that the mother had survived.  But he clearly called my grandfather his "step-father."   To me and my siblings he was referred to as "uncle" though I guess he would be my second cousin?   All the above mentioned are now deceased.
> Larry

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