[APG Public List] Actual Physical Location

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 7 15:35:23 MST 2010

     Uh, I never suggested _not_ including all relevant information. The original post which sparked my thoughts on this said, in effect, "I'd rather have this than that"; I was responding in kind, that, _if_ forced to make a choice, I'd find the other form more useful. It was purely in the context of those original remarks that I was stating this.
     In my opinion, if you have any relevant information, whether it be the name of a parish, or geographic co-ordinates, you should include that information, _with appropriate notes_. Whether or not you should go to the trouble of _determining_ co-ordinates, to whatever degree of accuracy is possible, if you don't already have them is another question. In my opinion, that is something which is at the discretion of the individual researcher. If you believe there's a reason to do it, go ahead - and include them once you have them. If you aren't inclined to bother, then the next person can do that work, if they care to. (It doesn't matter how easy getting such information is: _any_ task can get out of hand when you try to do it too many times in a row.)
                            Ray Beere Johnson II

--- On Sun, 11/7/10, Stephen Danko <stephen at stephendanko.com> wrote:

> How about including all the relevant information about a place:  the 
> location where the event (birth, death, etc.) occurred, the name of the 
> parish to which that location belonged, and the coordinates?  In Family 
> Tree Maker, there are separate fields where I can record all these pieces 
> of information, each of which provides another way for other people to 
> find the correct location.


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